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This utility will help you migrate your blog(s) from b2evolution to WordPress in minutes. The script imports b2evolution blogs, categories, posts, comments, files and users into existing WordPress installation. The target WordPress system does not need to be a brand new install, it may already have posts, categories, widgets etc. they will not be removed or altered in any way.

The script will add b2evolution content to your existing WordPress system. The utility has an exhaustive list of settings allowing you to fine-tune the import process. You can individually import b2evolution Blogs as parent categories, Categories, Posts, Users and Comments.

If you're looking for an easy yet powerful solution to migrate your b2evolution install to WordPress, this script is indeed for you ;). It will make roughly 95% of the job required to move your b2evo blogs to WordPress, all you will need to do is edit permalink structure in control panel and adjust .htaccess rules to properly redirect imported posts. Your old back-links and page rank will not be lost.

BIMP Importer supports b2evolution and WordPress v3 and above. Older versions are not supported. You will need to upgrade your systems if they are old.


BIMP Importer BIMP Importer

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Payment options:

The import utility (DIY way): $30
This license allows you to install and use the BIMP importer script.

The import utility and assisted transfer: $75
We will do the job for you. Select this if you need help migrating your blogs. The price covers blog migration from one b2evolution system to one target WordPress system.
Please contact us for an estimate if there are over 20 blogs in your b2evolution system.

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$30 :: BIMP Importer app

$75 :: BIMP Importer app + help with transfer

Requirements and limitations:

  • b2evolution v3.0 and higher (tested up to v6)
  • WordPress v3.0 and higher (tested up to v4)
  • PHP 5.3+, MySQL 5+
  • Hosting with IonCube support
  • Post attachments feature requires b2evolution and WordPress systems to be installed on the same server


  • Import b2evolution blogs as sites (WordPress Network)
  • Import b2evolution blogs as top level categories
  • Import b2evolution link blogs as WordPress "Links"
  • Process individual blogs or all blogs at the same time
  • Import categories with their names, slugs, descriptions
  • Import full categories hierarchy (parents and their sub-categories)
  • Import all kind of posts: regular posts, pages, intro posts, featured posts, image posts, podcasts and sidebar links; option to handle post types not supported by WordPress
  • Import all kind of post statuses; option to handle statuses not supported by WordPress
  • Import post tags, excerpt, meta title, meta description and other info
  • Search and replace old post links and images so they point to correct WordPress directory
  • Import post attachments, add them to WordPress Media library and attach to respective posts
  • Import post avatars as featured images
  • Imported attachments may be set up to be displayed as galleries inside their parent posts saving location (teaser / after more) and image order
  • Import b2evolution users, their logins, passwords and other personal information
  • Passwords may be optionally reset; b2evolution users will be prompted to confirm their emails and enter new passwords
  • The import process is handled by native WordPress functions, imported content if fully checked just like if it was originally created in WordPress
  • b2evolution and target WordPress installation do not need to be installed into the same database; they may be located on different servers
  • WordPress database does not need to be brand new, existing info will not be overwritten.
  • The script creates detailed reports, helpful for later analysis of imported data.
  • Multiple levels of report verbosity

What customers say

It works perfectly as described: from b2evolution 3.3.3 to Wordpress 3.3.2 in a minute!!!!

I had the chance to try this one before it was released, for regular b2 blogs it should make the migration a breeze, ie; you will be done before you know it (:

That worked like a charm and I have my site imported into word press. Thanks a lot for all your assistance and making the script. It was worth every penny and saved me lot of work.

That worked brilliantly (after I figured out how to install ionCube and that the blog ID integer was not the default "1" for me). I'm glad it worked and very happy to pay/recommend to friends

Alexander is a good professional, and importer run fine. My site is now under Wordpress perfectly: Thank you very much, Alex!!


This script is written by Alex Petukhov (sam2kb)
All rights reserved.

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